What's new & QnA



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Hey, Funzoners we have been working on the server recently really hard and we did an excellent job!
When you will join the server you will see a different world what you expected.
What will be included!

- New professional staff!
- New Youtubers!
- Brand new website!
- New Twitter!
- New Youtube channel!
- New plugins!
- Game modes Upgraded!
- Total new discord revamp!
- & much more! QnA: -

Will you lose your ranks?: NO, You will get your AWESOME rank back!
Our main focus?: We are working now on Factions the most, your gonna love it!
When will the server open?: First, we will add the BETA version for you guys to test and add suggestions which will be after nearly right away after December!
What about our game modes?: We will open first Factions up and then we will release different AWESOME game modes what will take place in the future!

OK, guys no more spoilers I hope you will have a fantastic day!