mohidmirza report

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IGN (In game name):

Who are you reporting(HIS IGN):

What did he do:
he was refussing to cooperate in a ss, so basically he /tp (not tpa) to our base to kill user 'TardisGuy,' knowing that TardisGuy was a friend of mine, and i was a member of his faction, i decided to fight at mohidmirza. combat was broken at the time, and he had stronger gear than me, so i decided to start flying away, mohid was in combat but he somehow starting to fly aswell, so i believe what mohid was doing, he was using the fly hack on his Vape client. i got out of there then i called him. he did manage to answer the call, then a Medially, i said, hello you have been frozen and you are going to be ss. He began to start sharing his screen and said he wasnt hacking, because their was no watermark at the top left/right of his screen. almost straight a way, i though that he was using some sort of ghost client, knowing mohid i though he would be using the hacked client, known as vape. mohid refueesed to go into his .minecraft folder then left the server (7 day ban.) that was the end of me and mohid's ss but a rule he broke was 'Wasting staff time' in the ss and in this staff report. Thankyou for reading <3 <-- now thats a no homo
lying in a ss
abusing commands
owner abusing
not listening to a staff member (kinda a staff member)
not cooperating in ss
leaving in a ss

Extra information(Not necessary):
Yes i have proof
Action has been took inplace, but i think he should be banned longer, cause he broke more rules above
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