Kitpvp Release and New stuff !!!

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Hey Funzonians,

Its been a long time but we are getting back with servers and new stuff is coming ( stay tuned).


So, I and @ItzLeTomato had worked on kitpvp, it is going good so far. We are going to release later today (6 pm est) if everything goes according to the plan. : )


Website is done, everything on it has a new look, make sure to link your website with your discord account. We are also looking for staff members all the positions are currently open.


The store also has been revamped, kitpvp ranks and other stuff have been added but we will add more in future. We are also having 30 % off for kitpvp release ;)


Bans have been reset too with a new look at the site.

Custom Bot:

We have also added a bot that will post a...