Please follow the rules or you get punished. After the punishment has been dealt, it will be repeated the next time

Official Discord Rules

1. No swearing at all! You can only say “ass”
[5m mute]
2. Do not keep asking for ranks [warning]
3. Use common sense [warning]
4. No posting inappropriate links [1h mute]
5. No advertising without permission [10m mute]
6. Don't play terrible music in voice chats [Removed and muted from voice chat]
7. Don't spam
8. Don't impersonate another user
[Instant discord ban]
9. Don't spam caplocks it floods chat! [10m mute]
10. Please just do commands in the bot-commands text channel [Warning]

11.No Flooding Chats with Arguments [15m mute]
12.No Spamming Emojis Symbols or Memes [Instant Mute for 10m]
13.Respect all Staff and Members no matter the circumstance [10m mute]
14.No Inappropriate Music Searches [Instant Warning]

If there are any more rules you would like to see, please contact a high staff member via Discord or Forums
Hello fellow players of FunZonesMC,

We have thought this out for a while now, and finally came to a decision.
The STAFF REQUIREMENT AGE has been updated from 12 years old to 14 years old!
This means you must be 14 years old at the time of your application of course.

Thank you!
Hello players of FunZones,

We are asking for YOUR ideas for factions revamp! Leave us your suggestions, thoughts & ideas down below and we will consider each and every one of them.

REAL suggestions/ideas only.
Hello fellow players of FunZonesMC!

This post is to help us staff and other players in general. When posting a thread, make the title an obvious explanation of what you're going to be discussing in the thread.
* This counts for all threads, spanning from Discussion topic threads to Player Reports threads *

By doing this, we can immediately know what the thread is about & what to expect. This helps staff sort through things such as reports and appeals, but also helps players find threads in discussion or off topic sections that they may be interested in. Some examples of these:

Section: Staff Reports Title: Deshaun using KillAura on KitPvP! []

Section: Suggestions Title: New Kit Ideas for Factions! []

You will notice that sorting through threads for you personally becomes easier when all players follow these instructions. This is a better option opposed to having titles like this, with the same information that would be listed in the threads I made as examples above:

Section: Staff Reports Title: haxors []

Section: Suggestions Title: fac kit []

Of course it is completely understood that you, PERSONALLY, know what the thread contains, however others have no clue. A useless title such as those above won't give the users enough information and would simply make our lives easier by providing a quick summary of the thread in a few words.

Forum Thread Regulations
Failure to follow these regulations will result in your thread(s) being flagged as spam and removed. Warning points may follow for repeated infractions.

  • Non disrespectful title/content (must follow our rules here).
  • Clear,...
Many of you may be wondering who am and how I came about becoming Co Owner here on funzonesmc so quickly... And your concerns do not go by unseen.
Of course, as loyal players and/or staff of the server at the moment, I can see your concerns regarding a new co-owner appearing so out of the blue. However, fear not, I will show you that my promotion is worth your time.
I've known mohidmirza for quite a while as a friend from Jason, the ex-staff you may remember who was demoted for extreme flaming/toxicity. I can ensure although I am in contact with him, my actions here will be nothing but uplifting and positive.
In case you'd like to know a little bit about me so you don't have to sit and wonder, "Who is this person and why are they co-owner when I haven't a clue a single detail about them?". I want you to know all about me and know you can always talk to me in any case, whether it is important or a simple friendly conversation you are in need of.
My name is Deshaun, and I am 17 years old. My hobbies include football, track & field and basketball. Yes, I know, my life is MADE of sports! I live in Texas, and personally enjoy riding four wheelers when I have the opportunity. I am friendly to everyone I meet, so if you ever need somebody to talk to,
Talk away. I'm used to it all, so what you want to talk about won't surprise me. I'm an extravert and benefit off of half a dozen people talking to me at once, so why not hit me up? :D

This wasn't the most formal introduction, but I'd rather you know a little bit about me rather than seeing me as that one co-owner who just appeared with a rank one day. I can assure you, I have come to assist mohidmirza and you will all benefit off of this... big changes on the way for the better. ;)

Hey Funzoniers,

I am working hard to make the server look's professional and on the release of Skyblock, there will be a lot of features you will notice. Here is a list of them and details.

* 2 New Hubs with some changes made on map and plugins such as :

- Server Selector.
- New Player Settings Menu.
- Gadgets are removed for now will be added later, due to some lag issues.

* New Bungee cord system with some cool plugins such as :

- New Voting System with weekly and monthly rewards.
(Top 5 voters of the week will receive keys automatically and top 3 voters of the month will get 30 USD voucher ) Link to check top voters:

- New /Friends plugin with a lot of custom details.

- New /staff plugin to check staff online cross servers and jump to them in case of help.

- New /report system for staff (you will now receive reports from cross servers like if somebody on factions reported a player you will see his report on Skyblock and other servers too same and same goes for staff chat)

- New Server commands like /factions, /skyblock etc..

- New anti VPN and anti alts plugin (limit 3)

All of these features will be applied to server on release of skyblock and it is releasing on 29 Dec
Hello there FunzonesMC players

The server was recently leaked by the co-owner and then he stole the servers and tried to use them for his own server but things are fine now almost back to normal and the old discord was greifed

New discord:

- Woofly